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Andre Badi Packaging

Packaging + Brand Design

Project developed for the company Andre Badi, the project consisted in the development of 2 proposals of packaging for jewelery, Said proposals had to be low cost packaging of production in economic materials, but with elegant and trendy appearance.


The first concept is based on this semi precious gem, where we take as inspiration the aquamarine color that presents, mixed with its forms, straight cuts and so characteristic angles, these elements, combined with the black color, to generate that touch of elegance and quality


The name of our second concept is Tuxedo, it is a sober and elegant concept as is the alution of the garment with a range of colors in black and white.

Based 100% on the textile industry elements such as labels, seams and details are taken, to apply them to an attractive sigular packaging.

This concept gives the impression of being thick cardboard, and higher cost but, this is the result of the work of suaje, since it generated a suaje with wide edges and expensive appearance.