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Packaging + Brand Design + Product Design

N25 is a brand of EIR solutions, said brand has silver as its main component, hence the product acquires the name. Taking this element as a competitive advantage and a guiding concept

Brand concept

N25 comes from the 925 Silver concept, thus referring to 92.5% pure silver, said silver is regularly used in the jewelery sector, thus being considered as a First Law Silver and of the best quality in the market. Using an analogy to 925 Silver, we chose to represent 9 with the letter N (nine) and keep 25 in order to make a compound word N25 easy to remember and with a medical character.

Design Elements

Brand elements related to it are generated, such as AG, an element of the periodic table that represents silver. the logo uses the first orbit of that element in its logo to give a greater context to its composition.